Engine Parts

  • BU-91448C2 Used Alternator

    BU-91448C2 Used Alternator Cross Ref: 91448C2 Fits: 1660, 1680, 1666, 1688 Notes: Volt/Amp 12/110   Type-Bosch Condition: USED Not all used parts are exactly alike. They sometimes very slightly in their condition and look. Pictures are...

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  • New Aftermarket Pump, Water BN-J802975

    BN-J802975 Pump, Water Cross Ref. A77704, J802479, J800976 Fits:1660,1666,1670,1680,1688,2166,2188,2366,2388,7110,7120,7130,7140,7150,7210,7220,7230,7240,7250,8910,8920,8930,8940,8950,9130,9210,9230,9240,9310,9330 Notes: Includes Mount...